Ultra Coaching

This is pretty self explanatory.  After 23 ultras where I made up my own schedule (had to constantly adjust it to fit my busy life), and after helping many friends fine tune their schedules, this is something I am very familiar with.  Rather than pulling a cookie cutter schedule off of the internet and end up injured (as I did with my first 50 miler), lets sit down and personalize a schedule that will work with your life.

My absolute favorites are the first timers.  I love being a part of someone achieving something they never thought possible.  My commitment to become your coach comes with a whole lot of personal access and encouragement.  Your success is very important to me, which is why I will be  selective with who I coach, and I will only coach a very small number of people at a time. Your desire to succeed has to at least equal my desire for your success.  

Whether you just want me to give you a schedule to follow or if you want me to be an integral part of your training so that we can make adjustments as your life demands it, there is a plan available for you.

Contact Edie at PaixRunning@gmail.com

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