Thursday, December 15, 2016

Red Dirt Course Map

For those of you asking about a course map, here it is.  The green is the course the runners will follow, the red is the main paved road through the park that the crews can use to access their runners in two spots.  The distances between the aid stations are marked.  

The 50k'ers, you will do the outside loop once.
The 100k'ers, you will do the outside loop twice.
The 100 milers will do the 7 mile out and back on the first loop, then that section will be roped off for the second and third loops.  You won't need to bring this map with you for the race.  The course will be very well marked with reflective ribbons on landscaping flags.  The flags should always be on your right side on the trail.  This way, if you leave the course to take advantage of the natural bathrooms on the trail, and get disoriented, you know which direction to head.

We tested out our reflective markings recently, and they are very bright when hit with a headlamp or flashlight.  As long as you have a good light, you will have no problem staying on the trail!