Thursday, December 15, 2016

Red Dirt Course Map

For those of you asking about a course map, here it is.  The green is the course the runners will follow, the red is the main paved road through the park that the crews can use to access their runners in two spots.  The distances between the aid stations are marked.  

The 50k'ers, you will do the outside loop once.
The 100k'ers, you will do the outside loop twice.
The 100 milers will do the 7 mile out and back on the first loop, then that section will be roped off for the second and third loops.  You won't need to bring this map with you for the race.  The course will be very well marked with reflective ribbons on landscaping flags.  The flags should always be on your right side on the trail.  This way, if you leave the course to take advantage of the natural bathrooms on the trail, and get disoriented, you know which direction to head.

We tested out our reflective markings recently, and they are very bright when hit with a headlamp or flashlight.  As long as you have a good light, you will have no problem staying on the trail! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Consider joining us for a group run on the Red Dirt course on the weekend of December 17th!   We have groups that are doing the entire 31 mile loop, some who are doing half of that distance (we will be staging cars half way), and others who may want a shorter distance who are doing an out and back.  This is tent camping, so bring your own camping supplies, food and drink.  The campground where we stay has a bathroom with a toilet and sink, but no shower.  The fee for camping is $3 per person per night.

Check out the link to the Facebook event, but if you have any additional questions, email Edie at  Hope to see you all there!

Monday, October 17, 2016

First Timers!

One of the things that I love the most about hosting Red Dirt is the ability it gives me to introduce new people to the rewarding sport of ultrarunning.  Something we are doing that is a little difference is our First Timers' Club.  It takes a ton of courage to sign up for a new distance, and I want to recognize the people who take that leap of faith.  In addition to the usual race swag, I am working on an extra keepsake for these folks to make the memories of their first time a little more special!  If you are a First Timer at Red Dirt (first ultra, or first time at that particular distance), and you are not on this list, email Edie at to be added.

THANK YOU to everyone on this list for your faith in my race team!  You can be sure that we will take good care of you - now you just have to do the work to get there.   --Edie

Monday, September 26, 2016

Training has begun!

Last week marked the beginning of the 20 week training plans for Red Dirt Ultra!  I know you guys will put in the hours of work which all add up to make that finish line so much sweeter.  If you are looking for sample training schedules, there is one for each distance posted on the Red Dirt Ultra Facebook page. Check them out, and if you have any questions, message us and we will be happy to help. 

Only you can stop yourself from achieving your goals.  Do the work.  We will be waiting for you at the finish line with hugs, smiles, and a medal or buckle made just for you.

Happy Running! 


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Race Partners!

We are excited to announce two key partnerships for Red Dirt:  Altra and V-Fuel! 

As an added benefit, the top male and female at each distance (50k, 100k, and 100 miler) will win a FREE pair of the Altra's of your choice!  Check out this great brand here. (Click on the logo)

Also, each aid station will be fully stocked with V-Fuel Endurance Drink as well as plain water. I have used this product and have been very impressed with how it makes me feel during my long runs. Here is all of the info you need on this great product. (Click on the logo)

As you guys probably know by now, we are working our hardest to ensure that you have the best possible race experience at Red Dirt. We have a great mix of seasoned ultra runners and first timers that will be on the course, and we want to be sure that you guys have every advantage possible to help you reach your goal.  This is why we are only partnering with brands that we use and believe in.  

We are grateful to these two great brands for their support of the Red Dirt Ultra!    

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sub 24 Hour Buckle!

As promised, here it is!  The much coveted sub 24 hour buckle.  Yeah, we think it is pretty cool, too.

Austin Trail Running Company!

We are super excited to announce our partnership with Austin Trail Running Company!  We are happy to have Pam and her team on board with Red Dirt Ultra, and we know this will make our runners' race experience even better! 

If you do not have access to trail gear near you, check out their online store by clicking on their logo here:

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Now, don't get me wrong - your motivation for running an ultra should come completely from within, but a nice piece of hardware waiting at the finish line for you never hurts!  Here is a preview of the 50k, 100k, and 100 miler finisher awards.  Sub 24 Finisher buckle will be revealed soon.

One loop of this beautiful trail gets you this great medal!  Yes, the raised section is the actual trail you will be running! 

A trail so nice you looped it twice!  Here is your 100k medal.

I have to admit, I am a buckle snob. I have gotten a sub par buckle in the past and was not happy about it.  These, I am very happy with!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Registration for the Chicot Challenge 100 Mile Trail Relay is OPEN!!  

Want to see views like this one while spending quality time with four of your closest friends?  Well, here is your chance!  Join us in Chicot State Park in Ville Platte, Louisiana, next March for the Chicot Challenge!  This is run on 20 miles of beautiful single track trails around Lake Chicot.  This is one of the most beautiful and diverse trails in Louisiana, and we can't wait to show you what Cajun hospitality is all about!  Check out the details here: (click picture below)

Monday, April 11, 2016

We would like to welcome the St. Jude's Jungle Garden 5k as a sponsor of the 2016 Veterans' 8k!   This race is run on the grounds of the beautiful Jungle Gardens on Avery Island.  We have a great time at this event every year and we are happy to have them as a part of our Veterans' 8k!  Click their logo for more information on this great race!

We are proud to announce the Zydeco Marathon as a sponsor for our 2017 Red Dirt Ultra!  This is a top notch marathon held in the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette, Louisiana.  If you are looking for an excuse to experience Cajun hospitality first hand, here it is!  As someone who has both run this race and volunteered at it for the last couple of years, I can attest to it being a first class event, and a great experience for everyone involved.  Click the logo for the website.

Friday, April 8, 2016


We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our tremendously talented friend, Christina Gravish, for sharing her creative skills with us and creating the Red Dirt logo.  We love it and can not wait to see it on the shirts!

Red Dirt Update!  

We are very excited to welcome the Evangeline Area Council Boy Scouts, Troop 224 and Team RWB to the Red Dirt family!  They will be manning Aid Station #1 on race weekend.  This will be a great mix of youth and enthusiasm and experienced athletes with Team RWB.  I have to admit - I am a little jealous.  Nothing would be better for me than coming around a corner to see a bunch of Boy Scouts when I am working hard during a race.  Big THANK YOU to our scouts and veterans for taking on this challenge!!

Also, the medals and buckles are in production!!!  As soon as I have one in hand, I will post pictures.  I know you will love them!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Great News!  The 3rd Annual Veterans' 8k is moving onto the TRAILS!  This year our 8k and 1 mile fun run are brought to you by Paix Running and The Running Store and will be held at Acadiana Park in Lafayette, La., on October 29, 2016.  Our charities of choice this year are the St. Michael's Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Lafayette,  and the St. Landry Parish Veterans' Memorial.

The 1 mile fun run will begin at 7:30 a.m. and the 8k will begin at 8:00 a.m.  Both races will take place on the beautiful trails of Acadiana Park on Alexander St.  Because this is the Saturday before Halloween, costumes are encouraged!

Every finisher gets a dog tag medal, and age group winners receive an additional prize!   Bring the family out to take part in this great event and help to support these worthy veterans' charities! Click the picture below for registration information!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


We will be scouting the course to get the exact locations for the aid stations, but here is what we know.  On the 31 mile loop, there will be at least 4 aid full service aid stations with hot food, etc.  Here are the first two aid station captains (seriously, you could not be in better hands):


Liz will be heading up the Mud N Guts aid station.  Mud N Guts is a local trail running group filled with talented ultra runners and experienced aid station volunteers.  Liz's aid station will have vegan and non vegan options.  Her vegan potato soup has warmed many cold, tired runners in the late hours of an ultra.  We are so happy to have the help and support of the Mud N Guts crew! 

Cesar Torres, the race director for Q50 races will head up the next full service aid station. If any of you know Cesar, you know that you will be well taken care of here.  Cesar is one of the most genuine and supportive RD's out there and he cares deeply about the success of each runner.  He will be one of the biggest cheer leaders on the course and a breath of fresh air when the fatigue kicks in.    Click Cesar's picture for more info on his great races! 

After this weekend, we will have exact locations of aid stations and distances in between.  I will also publish a list of what will be at each aid station so you know what to expect.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Registration is OPEN!  We received the confirmation from the national park that we were waiting on, and it is a GO!!!  Until I get someone to show me how to make this look more professional, you can click this link to register:

(I am a trail runner, not a web editor.)

I am hitting the trail this weekend to plot distances to aid stations, etc., so there will be more updates next week!  --Edie

Monday, February 22, 2016


Just a short drive from the start/finish area is the historic town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Voted the "best southern small town" by USA Today, it sits on the beautiful Cane River.  Established in 1714, Natchitoches is the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase.  It is filled with quaint shops and beautiful Bed & Breakfasts, including the "Steel Magnolia House".  

Check out all of the great options for B & B lodging in Natchitoches HERE.  

If you are a history buff, you have come to the right place!  While in the area, visit the Cane River Creole National Historic Park.

The Cane River region is home to a unique culture; the Creoles.  The nearly three hundred year relationship between the Cane River Creoles and their homeland was shaped by the river.  This relationship was tested by flood, drought, war, and numerous other obstacles.  Luckily, their resilience and resourcefulness has allowed the Creole culture to endure and thrive.
Another worthy stop, the Cane River National Heritage Area. 

Updates  2/22/2017

RED DIRT ULTRA is getting better and better!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Bayou Teche Brewery for our special edition Red Dirt brew!  If you aren't familiar with this fantastic local brewery, check out their website.  They are doing great things for the community, and we are so happy to have them on board as a partner.

We are also partnering with Parish Ink for our race shirts.  This is a local favorite who makes incredible designs and high quality products.  Check them out!

We are also in the process of designing the medals and belt buckles, and as soon as I have a preview, I will let you know!  

Everything we are doing is with the runners' experience in mind.  From the details of the food at each aid station to the safety measures and goodies, we want you guys to be given every opportunity to succeed and have a good time doing it.  All you have to do is train properly and cover the distance.

Next post coming soon:  The historic city of Natchitoches and things you need to see while there!


Monday, January 18, 2016

WELCOME!  Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.  This endeavor was created from my desire to bring people to places they have never been before.  Both literally and figuratively.  Whether it is bringing you to a new trail or helping you reach the finish line of your first trail race or even ultra, I am hoping to be at least a small part of your journey.

Please take a few minutes to check out each of the pages on this blog and give me your feedback.  I have many things in the planning stage now, and I am looking forward to announcing them as they take shape.

Trail running is about community.  It is about taking people away from the clutter of their daily lives and bringing them back to the simple beauty of nature.  When you become a trail runner or hiker, whether you are doing short or long distances, you become part of a family with one common interest - spending time in nature.