Wednesday, March 2, 2016


We will be scouting the course to get the exact locations for the aid stations, but here is what we know.  On the 31 mile loop, there will be at least 4 aid full service aid stations with hot food, etc.  Here are the first two aid station captains (seriously, you could not be in better hands):


Liz will be heading up the Mud N Guts aid station.  Mud N Guts is a local trail running group filled with talented ultra runners and experienced aid station volunteers.  Liz's aid station will have vegan and non vegan options.  Her vegan potato soup has warmed many cold, tired runners in the late hours of an ultra.  We are so happy to have the help and support of the Mud N Guts crew! 

Cesar Torres, the race director for Q50 races will head up the next full service aid station. If any of you know Cesar, you know that you will be well taken care of here.  Cesar is one of the most genuine and supportive RD's out there and he cares deeply about the success of each runner.  He will be one of the biggest cheer leaders on the course and a breath of fresh air when the fatigue kicks in.    Click Cesar's picture for more info on his great races! 

After this weekend, we will have exact locations of aid stations and distances in between.  I will also publish a list of what will be at each aid station so you know what to expect.  

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