Friday, August 24, 2018

Upcoming Group Runs

Saturday, August 25th  7:00 am.  Louisiana State Arboretum Trails
4213 Chicot Park Road, Ville Platte, Louisiana

  • Meeting at the front gate, ready to run by 7 am.  There are bathrooms and a water fountain at the trailhead.  The whole loop is 4.7 miles but can be shortened with cut across trails.  There are maps available at the trailhead.  You are responsible for your own nutrition and hydration for the run.  Mildly technical (rooty) in spots, and some climbs.  Walker friendly, but no pets allowed in the arboretum. Human families welcome though.  :-) 
Saturday, November 17th 7:00 am   Red Dirt Group Run / Camping Trip
Lotus Camp, Kisatchie National Forest  Provencal, Louisiana
  • We are heading up to the Red Dirt trail this weekend to run the trail and camp. The weather should be perfect! I will need a 35 mile training run, so I will be doing the whole loop, but you can choose any distance you would like by doing an out and back, or just stay back at the campsites and enjoy this beautiful park! We generally camp in Lotus Campground, right on the trail. More details to come as it gets closer. Mark your calendars. Families welcome.
Any questions about these, email Edie at

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Group Runs!

We are beginning to schedule our fall/winter group trail runs, and I wanted to keep you guys updated.  Here are the two we have so far - one to the Chicot State Park Arboretum and one to the Sandstone (Red Dirt) Trail.  As we add more, I will add them here, but in the meantime, if you are on Facebook, follow the Paix Running page to get the latest news! Click the picture to go to the event page.  

Arboretum Group Run - Ville Platte, Louisiana - August 11, 2018 7:00 am 

Red Dirt Group Run / Camping Trip  November 17, 2018  Kisatchie National Forest

Email Edie with any questions at

Happy Running! 


Monday, January 29, 2018

Taper week from an RD's perspective

What is taper week like for the race volunteers? 
 Click the picture to find out.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


A group of us are planning on heading up to the Red Dirt trail on January 13th to camp for the night and get some running in.  Any distance is welcome (you just turn around when you are half way done).  Email Edie at for more information.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pang Wangle

A short video from our friends at Pang Wangle showing some of the beauty of the Chicot trail, and an interview with the owner of Paix Running, Edie Couvillon.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Exciting Things Happening!

My name is Edie and I love my job.  Or, should I say, "I love my jobs!"  I work full time for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a fundraiser, and for fun, I put on trail races.  I hesitate to say that either of those are jobs, though, because I honestly love doing both of them.  

I currently have three trail races that I host:  Red Dirt Ultra, Loup Garou Trail Run, and Chicot Challenge 100 Mile Trail Relay, all in my beautiful home state of Louisiana! 

I started running trails in 2008 and ultra distance trail races in 2009.  Since then I have run 27ish (I can't remember) ultras, with 4 of them being 100 milers.  Leading into 2015, I started to see some race directors around the country who didn't seem to have their runners' safety and success as their top priority.  Many of my early ultras were put on by Joe Prusaitis, formerly of Tejas Trails, and those wonderful events were what formed my idea of what a trail race should be.  I guess I was spoiled.  Joe's races always had well stocked aid stations, most being manned by experienced trail and ultra runners,  his courses were well marked and nearly impossible to get lost on, and he was a fixture at the finish line, handing out medals, buckles and hugs (he gives the BEST post-race hugs) to every single runner.  Since then, Joe has retired, but he remains a dear friend and inspiration for Paix Running.

It was after a few cringe-worthy experiences at other trail races that I had my revelation - that our sport and our runners deserved better.  Hence, the birth of Paix Running (paix=peace in French).  Next month we are hosting the inaugural Loup Garou Trail Run on our home trail of Chicot State Park in Ville Platte, Louisiana.  My volunteers and I know every inch of this trail and love our girl (we have deemed the Chicot trail female because she can be a beauty and a beast all on the same run - I'm a girl, I can say that).  We are all excited to show off her beauty to all of the runners coming out there for the first time.  I think my team and I are more excited than you guys are for this race! 

I just unveiled the ever growing list of First Timers at Red Dirt (more details HERE) and I will be making an exciting announcement about Loup Garou in the next couple of days via video (HINT: You will want to come back.) 

We will also be leading a group up to the Red Dirt trail soon for a group run, so stay tuned for more info on that here.   

Phew!  So much going on, and I could not be happier to share it all with you.  Check back here for updates, but until then, Happy Running, Y'all!  - Edie

That's me after a 50 mile training run on the levee.  Happy to be finished!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Group Run at Red Dirt!

For anyone interested in checking out the course where the Red Dirt Ultra is run, or if you just want to come out and experience one of the most beautiful trails Louisiana has to offer, here is your chance!

A group of folks (myself included) are heading up to the Kisatchie National Forest on Friday, September 22nd and camping there for the weekend.  We have some running on both Saturday and Sunday.  Any distance is fine, since anyone can start with the group and turn around and head back when they are ready.  We have some doing the whole 31 mile loop and others doing out and backs of different distances.

The location of this is the Sandstone Loop, off of exit 119 (Cloutierville Exit) on I-49 North. It is about 20 miles south of Natchitoches.

EDIT:  Due to the high temperatures we will not be camping for this run.  A group of us are spending the night in Natchitoches and driving in to the trail in the morning.  We will be at Lotus campground, ready to run by 7 a.m.

If you are interested and have any questions, email me, Edie, at

All are welcome to come out and enjoy this beautiful area!

Happy Running, Y'all!