Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Go away Covid

 What a crazy year for all events, trail races included.  With so many cancellations and "virtual" events (I have developed a strong dislike for that word) -- it is refreshing to be able to plan actual in person, physically present events.  Since the group camp area at Chicot State Park was being used by the state to house elderly Covid patients to keep them safe, the trail was closed out of a abundance of caution to keep the public well away from any potential infection.

As things start to relax and the cases in Louisiana continue to plummet, our parks are breathing a sigh of relief as all of the people who use the trails regularly are once again able to get outdoors onto the trails to find their peace and escape the chaos that is our current reality.

Looking forward to our 2020/2021 events, we know that they will look a little different this year, but the spirit of the events will remain the same.  The camraderie that is present at these events will not change, even if we are a few feet apart.  And really, this might be a good excuse for my non-hugging friends to avoid a post race sweaty hug from me - for now.

So, keep your fingers crossed and send some positive juju to all of your favorite race directors that we are all able to host the awesome events that you guys make so much fun! 

Stay healthy, and Happy Running everyone! 


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