Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reason #349,285,674 why I love this sport

After following the WS100 this year and seeing the front runners duke it out all the way to the last finisher squeaking in seconds under the 30 hour cutoff, all I can say is "Wow".  This is such an amazing sport and such a testament to the human spirit and the support and camaraderie among ultra runners.

So, it is time to get to work on my 2018 races.  With Red Dirt and Chicot Challenge pretty much nailed down after last years successful races, we are excited to add a new race to the family - Loup Garou!

Loup Garou is run on the 20 mile, mostly single track trail around the beautiful Lake Chicot in Chicot State Park, Ville Platte, Louisiana.  There will be distances of 20, 40, 60,  and 100 miles so there is something for everyone!  Check out the Loup Garou race doc for more info, and check back here soon!  Things are starting to move again and you don't want to miss any of the fun!

Be safe training this summer!

Happy Running,


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